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Yuyao Dayhang Plastic Technology Co., Ltd.

A high-tech enterprise integrating research, development, testing, production, sales and application of new polymer materials.
The company has gathered a group of high-end R&D personnel with complete and advanced experiments, testing, application and production equipment. The main products include ultra-soft heat-type elastomer sealing materials, special halogen flame-retardant thermal elastomer materials (TPE) for wire and cable, and custom TPE materials that meet different performance requirements. Products pass EU ROHS, RECAH and Swiss SGS. A variety of testing certification. Several major products are widely used in electronics, telecommunications, medical, automotive, rail transit, cable and other fields. Personalized customization can meet the different needs of customers!
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Application field

  • TPE daily product application case Shore 30A~95A
    Toothbrush handle plastic, folding washbasin, bathroom, pet supplies, sealing strip, appliance housing, kitchen supplies, sanitary ware, food sealing ring, mobile phone case
  • TPE medical industry application case
    Thermometer, casters, tourniquet, needle plug
  • TPE wire and cable applications
    Headphone cable, charging cable, computer cable, sheath
  • TPE sports equipment application
    Sports handlebars, slip pads, weights, goggles, fins, chest expanders, tension tubes
  • TPE baby product application
    Stroller handle, safety seat, baby toy
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